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Justice in Mexico. July 2010. Trans-border Institute News Report

Justice in Mexico. July 2010. Trans-border Institute News Report. 2010 ejecuciones up 89% over same period last year with visible cartel-related violence. President Calderón replaces Interior Minister Fernando Gómez Mont. Local elections take place in 12 states with violence in days before. President Calderón pushes for increased intelligence sharing with Latin America. Corruption examined in Mexican education system. Cancún corruption investigation focuses on misuse of public funds. Pemex criticized for deficiency of transparency. Financial institutions identified for failing to provide transparency in home loan information. Federal police decline to make the number of civilians killed in operations public. INEGI reports challenges of carrying out 2010 census with security concerns. Allegations of election corrupt in Oaxaca and Veracruz. Arrest made in connection with several high-profile attacks. Allegations of abuse arise after a federal raid on a migrant center in the State of Mexico. Journalist killings in Guerrero and Michoacán stir pressure on federal government. PRI loses in Oaxaca could lead to investigations of 2006 uprisings. Mexico State and Guerrero appoint new attorney general.